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Starters & Breads


Plain (V), herb (V) or garlic (V) $5
Sundried tomato (V), olive (V) or anchovy $6
Mixed Toppings $7
Garlic and cheese (V) $9

Italian Bread
Plain Italian bread (4 Slices) (V) $3
Plain Italian bread with marinated olives (6 Slices) (V) $8
Plain Italian bread with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic (V) $8

Bruschetta (V) $13
Toasted Italian bread topped with a fresh tomato, basil and Spanish onion salsa drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic.

Assagini $24
A mixed seafood platter of prawns, calamari and scallops with San Daniele proscuitto and an avocado and tomato salsa to share between two.

Antipasto $21
San Daniele proscuitto, mortadella, salami, pancetta, mixed vegetables, bruschetta mix and fresh Italian bread served with a selection of cheeses to share between two.




Primi (Entree) $ 19


Grilled Eggplant Involtini (V)
Grilled thin slices of eggplant rolled with spinach laden ricotta cheese, topped with an enriched herb and tomato sauce and grilled with Pecorino Romano cheese.

Filleto di Trota
Boneless rainbow trout fillet rolled in Panko crumbs, filled with a fresh rocket salad and served with a lemon butter sauce, fried capers, cracked black pepper and toasted almonds.

Quaglia alla Griglia (G)
Grilled deboned quail with portobello and barley risotto, roasted baby carrots, baby beet cheeks and a rocket sauce.

Capesante E Calamari (G)
Pancetta wrapped Canadian scallops with butter poached calamari pieces on seasoned avocado puree, asparagus tips and roasted capsicum puree & pesto sauce.

Gamberi Fritti
Herb and parmesan crumbed king prawns fried to golden crispiness, set on a saffron infused tomato, basil and olive salsa with fetta and baby spinach.




Pasta E risi (Pasta and rice) $ 29


Risotto di Agnello
Slow braised lamb shank with winter vegetables served on a creamy cheese infused Arborio risotto.

Spaghetti alla marinara (house speciality) (D)
Pan-fried seafood (prawns, scallops, calamari, mussels, clams and fish fillet pieces) with garlic, mild chilli, fresh tomato, and fresh basil strips in a virgin olive oil and sea salt sauce. (Also available as a risotto, add crab $4)

Linguine con Melanzane (V)
Oven roasted eggplant pieces with pan-fried mushrooms, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes, and baby spinach in a light tomato and basil sauce.

Classic Italian dish with layers of pasta sheets, homemade cheesy béchamel and bolognese sauces baked in the oven and then grilled with Mozzarella cheese on top.

Pasta con Salsiccie
Pieces of Italian sausage pan-fried with bacon, scallops, garlic and red onion then finished in a brandy cream sauce with baby spinach.

Pappardelle alla Bistecca
Thin slices of Angus sirloin steak pan-fried with bacon and mushrooms finished in a caramelised butter, Pecorino Reggiano cheese and wilted baby spinach sauce tossed through Pappardelle pasta.

Pasta con Gamberi
Prawn cutlets pan-fried with onion, garlic and tomato strings, finished in a creamy brandy and spinach sauce tossed through pasta.

Pasta Pollo e Avocado
Chicken pieces sauteed with onion, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms deglazed with white wine, finished in a creamy spinach, avocado and parmesan cheese sauce.

Fettuccine Carbonara
Pan-fried smoked pancetta strips with mushrooms tossed through a Pecorino Romano laden egg mix and fettuccine pasta.

Home-made potato dumplings (gnocchi) with your choice sauce.

  • Bolognaise
  • Tomato (V)
  • Pesto ( cream or oil finish) (V)
  • Gorgonzola Dolce cheese (V)
  • Burnt butter and sage with mushrooms and pine nuts (V)

Add chicken pieces for an additional $4.
Gluten free pasta is also available at $ 2 per portion.




Secondi (Main Meals) $ 35


Bistecca con Vino Rosso (G)
Salted Riverina wagyu sirloin steak, served with creamy mash potato, buttered spinach, portobello mushroom and a red wine and port reduced reduction sauce.

Pimento Farcito (V) (G)
Filled red capsicum with a spinach, mushroom and sun-dried tomato risotto, and served on a crispy polenta disk, mescalin leaf salad and a rich basil infused tomato sauce with basil oil.

Salmone alla Griglia
Crispy-skinned Atlantic salmon fillet steak on a bed of ground fennel infused carrot puree, broccolini with toasted almond flakes, burnt butter gnocchi, basil pesto and king prawns.

Ossobuco di Vitello (G)
Slow braised veal shank rounds with thyme, mushrooms, garlic and winter vegetables in a “Vin Santo” and veal stock reduction sauce on a bed of creamy potato puree.

Pollo alla Diavola (G)
Oven roasted chicken breast served with crispy fried chat potatoes, caramelised red onion, green beans and rocket leaves with a lemon chilli butter sauce.



Accopanimenti (Side dishes)


Mediterranean salad (G) (V) $7
Mixed garden greens with tomato, cucumber, capsicum, red onion, olives and fetta cheese.

Insalata di Rucola (G) (V) $9
Wild rocket leaves tossed with pear slices and Parmesan cheese then tossed though garlic and parsley dressing.

Patatine fritte (V) (D) $5
Fried potato batons seasoned with sea salt. (Chips)

Fagioli (G) (V) $9
Steamed green beans tossed through olive oil and crumbed fetta cheese seasoned with cracked black pepper.

Cannellini E Asparagi (V) (G) $9
Poached asparagus spears tossed with cannellini beans with a sage, garlic and virgin olive oil dressing.




Dolci (Desserts)


Gelato $12
Your selection of three of the following five flavours:

Sorbetto $15
Traditional Italian dessert of liquor hand-mixed with ice cream available in the following flavours:
– Lemon: Limoncello, spumante, vanilla ice cream and lemon sorbet.
– Raspberry: Frangolino, spumante, vanilla ice cream and raspberry sorbet
– Chocolate: Baileys, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Garnished with shaved chocolate and rich chocolate sauce.

Tiramisu Cheesecake $15
Crushed chocolate biscuit base with velvety mascarpone cream, marsala liquor soaked sponge fingers, milk chocolate shavings and crushed maltesers.

Pannacotta Limone $15
Lemon infused pannacotta with vodka blueberry compote, fresh whipped cream and a tuille biscuit.

Semifreddo $15
Vanilla bean semifreddo with nutella ice cream, morello cherries and a chocolate hazelnut cookie crush.

Torta di Ciocolato $15
Flourless chocolate cake with salted caramel sauce, pistachios, toffee shards and vanilla ice cream.

Cremino di Frutta $15
Fresh seasonal fruit layered with house-made custard and Greek yoghurt, topped with a sponge finger biscuit and passion fruit coulis.

Formaggio $21
Your choice of a single serve ($21) or a trio serve ($24) of our selection of cheeses seen below. Served with torinesi bread-sticks, water crackers, fresh Italian bread, local Murrumbateman honey, fresh pear and dried fruits.
Gorgonzola Dolce (blue)



Kids Menu


Pollo Impanato $14
Crumbed and fried chicken breast. Served with chips and salad.

Filleto di Pesce $14
Fish fillet crumbed and fried. Served with chips and salad.

Bistecchina alla Griglia $14
Grain fed sirloin steak chargrilled and served with chips and steamed seasonal vegetables.

Spaghetti Bolognese $14
Classic Italian spaghetti bolognese.

Kids Lasagne $14
Layers of pasta sheets with creamy bechamel and bolognese topped with grilled mozzarella.

Kids Calamari $14
Calamari rings crumbed and fried. Served with chips and salad.


Kids Ice Cream $6.5
Your choice of two of the following flavours of ice cream.
Served with your choice of caramel or chocolate sauce & sprinkles.


Kids Meal Deal  $22
Kids meal deal that includes the following:
1 Kids meal
1 Kids soft drink or juice
1 Kids ice cream
1 Busy Nippers activity pack including crayons and an activity book